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What does a vote do? If someone was running for public office and had the most votes they would win. what if I could offer my vote to a candidate the was for getting control of our government from the wealthy families that have controlling influence over our present leaders. It would have to be a large network of voters with a wide band of leaders. at least 3 from each state. And the candidate would need to be willing to make my agenda his or her agenda. I want that all people suffering from mental illness that are unable to function in society to be cared for. To find all the mentally ill that are homeless and in jail or prison and help them with treatment and rehab. Provide them with food, shelter and clothing. to provide sanitary facilities for daily life. If we can as a group poll our votes into one voice for one candidate that will take up our call for help and in return we will give our vote. The American way.

I am disabled and rely on my country to care for me. I would rather die than be a burden to my fellow Americans but so far I can not find anyone willing to help me die in a dignified manner. It is considered immoral or illogical to commit suicide but if I am unable to care for myself then I am faced with these 2 choices, to struggle day to day to find a safe place to live, food to eat and medication to treat my illness. or to die. I will not live on a street or in a park. I do not think I would enjoy starving myself to death or freezing to death in the cold of winter of burning up in the heat of summer. If I could get the same consideration that you give a person condemned to death for a heinous crime i would be happy to do so. It is my belief that God exists and that when I complete my life here on earth that I will some how exist in a different realm with others as God tells us about in the Bible. I want to live my life to honor God and to help others who want the same. If we are to exist in a relatively safe environment then we need to find someone willing to take up our cause and take our misunderstood illnesses and put them on the center of the discussion. I am mentally ill but I can still vote, I will vote for the candidate that will commit to providing for those who cannot help themselves. Will you stand with me, and offer your vote to the one candidate that will make our situation a priority? Will you commit to making sure you register to vote and to make yourself get to the polls and cast your vote? I will be the first if you will make sure I am not the last.

Now taking the country away from rich people wont be easy. They can pay a lot of money to people that are willing to harm us. so we have to have such a large base of leadership that killing one of us or putting one of us in jail or smearing one of us in the news or holding loved ones hostage so we declare ourselves out of the vote will not effect the outcome of the vote. I am not afraid to be killed or smeared, i have nothing to lose but my vote. I will not break the law and I will not give in to money. Just think if we can take the country away from those who want only to keep their wealth and power. We can be the first country to end poor vs. rich. Do we need to have gold and jewels or is feeding the world a goal you want to accomplish? Do we need fancy vehicles or is it just getting around the main point. Is waking up to a new dawn with the knowledge that the world was a sane place and that as humans we learned to live within our world in peace and harmony. All we have to do to make this a possibility is to vote out those in charge now and replace them with those immune to power and greed.

We can win because we are many. If you are over 18 and are registered to vote then you can change the world. If we can get 51 percent we can win. If you are mentally ill and are relying on the government to survive then you can change the world, if you are a family member of someone who is ill and want to help that person then you can change the world, if you are a care giver and want to help those who can not help them selves then you can help change the world, if you are a member of law enforcement and are tired of the criminal justice system being used to care for people with mental illness. then you can use your vote to change the world. so who do we have that can vote, we have sick people and the families of sick people and those who work to care for sick people and the families of those who work to help people who cannot help themselves and we have those who defend our sick and helpless. I think we are many. that if we were to come together in one group and pool our vote to back one candidate willing to make our cause a top priority then we will change the world. 


Adam was born to Gabriel and Ruth, the tribes future chief and queen . Gabriel  was a strong Man,  standing taller than any man in the tribe. He was able to hunt much larger animals without much effort making him even more powerful to his people. His mother was chosen by Gabriel Father, Chief Michael. Ruth was raised to be queen by her uncle, also Chief Michael. Ruth was smart and cunning, politics were her thing. and to be queen was her highest motivation and  the older she became the more her thirst for power overwhelmed her. She was constantly telling her husband to get rid of his father and take over the tribe, which in their time was the normal way of becoming chief. Adam heard this and was very disturbed by what his mother was saying. He had a very close relationship with his grandfather who taught Adam how to be a good chief and take care of his people. One evening Adam was sleeping in the corner of The chief’s hut, unseen by Gabriel who was about to kill his father while he slept. Adam awoke from a dream, something that was exciting to him stirred him awake. He witnesses his father execute the Chief. Stunned, saddened and full of sorrow, Adam rushes out into the night. The wind starts to blow and rain begins to fall. Adam finds a small pocket  beside a large cliff and is hunkering down in an almost standing fetal position. The rain masks his tears but his pain and rage consumed him. At that moment he heard a voice. “Adam”. He looks around and sees nothing but darkness and rain. “Adam!” This time he looked out into the darkness and screamed, “who is there”. But no answer. Then a third time he is concentrating his hearing out into the night when a voice from inside his head speaks, “Adam, do not be afraid ” Adam realizes that the voice is speaking to him like in his dreams. He then is filled with the memories of all his dreams. He has heard this voice before. Adam speaks “I know you but I cannot remember how or why. I am the  Lord thy God. I created all that you see, all that you hear and all that you taste. I want you to know how much I love you. Your heart is filled with good. The evil thoughts that your people have each day have not corrupted your mind so I have chosen you to be my Voice here on earth. To bring all the people  together and teach them to live good lives and to turn their backs on evil things.  God takes Adam into a vast area and tells him that he has provided this for every need. This is Eden, bring your people here and I will provide for them all they need. The book of Genesis tells the rest of the story.



I am wondering if evil has finally become more popular than good. I think that society has to take credit for allowing evil to progress to the current level. If a government can take its children and turn them into hateful killing robots and the world does nothing to stop it then I say shame on us.

Wars are started all the time for a lot less evil. If a country or group of people are constantly threatening the rest of us and no one does anything to stop them from fulfilling their threats then shame on us.

We spend billions on the military each year and sacrifice a lot of our citizens to stop atrocities worse than this. I cannot think of a more nobler reason to go to war than to save the lives of children.

If this is allow to continue then we have no excuse when they come to kill us.


the most important resource in the world

What is the most precious commodity that the world has?

The children.

Children are the most innocent of our race. They love and trust without question. What we teach a child to believe is important. If a child is taught to hate then most likely they will hate. If a child is taught that life is precious and is the most important resource we have then the child should grow to cherish life and want to protect it.

It is easy to raise a good child. Love is the first emotion a child should learn. Next is the quenching of hunger and thirst. Comfort and joy comes from the fulfillment of their hunger and thirst. A feeling of relaxation and contentment are the result. After the fulfillment of the body is complete then the child needs to learn.

Our sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch teach us about our surroundings. But it is the sense of love and kindness that teach us about our soul. Once a child feels the senses of love and kindness then it will be with them forever.

The instinct of a child is to watch and copy what the senses pick up. We are the teachers of the children. If we go through life looking over our shoulders and making sure we are giving the children a good impression then our lives are meaningful.

So, if we are all agreed that the children are our most precious resource then we need to make it our goal to treat them as such. No one person or any group of people should be allowed to corrupt our children. Every child that born should be protected and raised with love and respect. If someone has a child and does not provide the basic needs for that child then they should not be allowed to raise the child. If you are not fit to provide a healthy environment for a child then the child will be cared for by someone who will.

We need to evolve past the motherly instinct that says a child is raised by the will of the parent. Being a biological parent is not a right to teach bad behavior and to allow a child to be treated badly. The tolerance for this level of abuse is too high.

Health care to children needs to be free. If anything needs to be done to protect the quality of live for our children then it shall be done.

All children need to be fed and cared for until they are capable of caring for themselves. How to eat, clean themselves and communicate with others are important. Establishing protocols for interacting with other children and adults is a very important. Respect is gained through the mutual understanding of one another. If we can raise a healthy child with love and respect then the future of the human race will be a great one.

If we all just care for the children and make sure they are happy then we all will be happy.

I come in peace 2007


What are the areas of our government and our society that need attention?

  • Homelessness and the mentally ill
  • Health care
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Immigration
  • Alternate sources of energy
  • Guns
  • Infrastructure
  • Voting
  • Political parties

The homeless mentally ill.

Every town in America has someone who is dealing with a mental illness. They seek treatment from a system that treats mental illness as an easily fixed problem. Just provide some medication and send them back to our streets. The system for dealing with this problem is in need of repair. What are the options we have. We can figure a way to provide basic necessities to these people. Long term care is needed. Assisted living and access to real doctors, not just people hired to deal with mental patients, these people need to be real health care professionals. If we address this problem now our judicial system will be free of having to deal with these people by putting them into the legal system. Most mentally ill people live in fear. They are helpless when they are approached by police. I have witnessed the transition from mild to unbearable stress take over a person being questioned by police. Like Parkinson’s disease, Mental illness has uncontrollable effects. The will to escape and hide is a normal reaction by a mentally ill person being approached by anybody. Once the mentally ill person is questioned and incarcerated for not cooperating with authority figures then they wallow in total depression for being persecuted for no apparent reason that they can see. Usually they are held for only a few days. Once the system recognizes a repeat offender, some one caught in the vicious cycle of jail and the streets, they are just told to go home and take their meds.

So, there they are back n the street with no place for food or shelter, no medications to take, They wonder the streets with fear and despair wishing they could find some easy way to kill themselves. It’s like taking all the people with Alzheimer’s and letting them loose to wander around without any help from anyone. My question to the people in charge of this problem is why? Why must a person suffering from an illness be sent into the streets to live. I cannot conceive of an answer that would justify this when we are spending so much on lesser things. Which candidate for public office is going to be the one guy to stand up to a system that allows the mistreatment of one of its sickest citizens?

 Health Care

This subject is on the minds of everybody. A mother who’s son or daughter just fell and has to go to the emergency room. The new employee that just got mugged and beat up on his way home from work. Emergency rooms have to treat people when they show up. They also get to charge full price for anything done. If you don’t pay it then they ruin your credit rating. No chance at a new car or a house for years because you couldn’t afford to get the treatment you had to have. How many mothers and fathers are faced with this every day. There has to be trillions of dollars flowing from the public to the health care system every year. All we have to do is take all the money being spent on insurance and pay the professionals directly. A fund is set up with an amount of money that is taxed to the public just like social security. Instead of sending your money to insurance agents that need profits to be successful the funds are placed in an untouchable place. and every time you visit a doctor and it is determined that you need care the funds come out of the account directly to the provider. The amount of care will be screened but after the necessary treatments have been done. If a doctor prescribes treatment that is unnecessary then that doctor will face a review and if it is found to happen more than 3 times a year then they are sent back to med school for training or persuaded to change professions. The only way it works is if you keep the freedom of the health care professionals the same. If not we risk losing the incentives for health care professionals to want to stay in health care. Is there a candidate that stands a chance to go up against the insurance companies, the pill companies, Doctors, Nurses, and their unions?

Foreign Affairs

I am sure that the majority of the population does not want the United States involved any any more conflicts that are not looked upon by our allies to be important. If we made it a law that the President can no longer send troops to a country for more than a year without a vote. Fine, we get attacked. The troops go in and take out the threat. The country is then turned over to the control of the United Nations. Only the United Nations should be allowed to go into a country for any length of time. The other countries of the world need to step up. Why does China and Russia not have troops in Iraq? Why are our allies disappointed with our government? Why must our sons and daughters defend people the rest of the world cares nothing about. In fact, it should be policy that unless our help is asked for then we keep our noses out. No country on Earth should be the sole provider of military and economical services. Unless it’s for the safety and security of our nation and the nations of our allies we should not be involved in any long term occupation. I think a year is fair. Which candidate has what it takes to solve our problems with the rest of the world?


What is it that we all want done here? Right now, we have an uninterrupted flow of people from all over the world coming into our country. Many people hate us and want to kill us. I see it on TV every day. Someone is teaching a child from a middle eastern country to hate and kill Americans and Jews, by doing so they please their god and get to go to heaven and live a happy life. Do we want these people to have access to our borders?

I think if people from Mexico want to come into this country and work and live they can. Why not. The Mexican people are a christian people. most of Mexico is catholic as far as I know. If our neighbor is poor and wants to come here and live amongst us then I say let them come. They could check in at the border. An employer needing workers would send a representative to the border area to find workers. If a Mexican finds someone willing to hire them then they are given a pass. With a pass the worker can move to the area that they will work in. The business doing the hiring will be responsible for providing the worker with suitable accommodations until the worker is able to take care of themselves. Of course families will be accepted and will be kept together. The business hiring these workers will provide them with English speaking tutors. It will spawn some great private English schools. A person coming into the country needs to be screened some how but it has to be illegal to come here without checking in first.

I think here lies the big challenge. Finding a way to secure our borders but still allowing our neighbors to come work here. Which candidate will be able to solve this problem?

Alternate sources of energy

The majority of Americans have no objection to using other forms of energy. If a kit could be assembled and put into every one’s house or car or business that kept our quality of life the same our planet would be saved and we would all go about our business. If someone, especially someone rich, tells me to change my lifestyle to confront natural problems then they better be toeing the line. The oil industry, the coal industry, the gasoline refineries, the power plants, the car manufacturers. Just about everyone in America is dependent on one of these items. Most of us are dependent on all of them. Wind, solar, fuel cells, batteries. are suppose to be the answer. Which candidate will be able to take on all of these rich businesses and save our planet from ourselves?


The Second Amendment, as passed by the House and Senate, reads:

“ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. ”

The copies distributed to the states, and then ratified by them, had different capitalization and punctuation:

“ A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. ”

Both versions are commonly used in official government publications. The original hand-written copy of the Bill of Rights, approved by the House and Senate, was prepared by scribe William Lambert and hangs in the National Archives.

So, unless the 50 states agree to change the constitution and ban firearms then the debate will go on. I am a sane and law abiding citizen of the United States of America. I want the rights of its citizens to be protected. If a person uses a firearm to commit a crime then they go to jail. This law is in effect today. our system is fine. Its the people who do not wish to live among and obey the rules then they will be punished. So I think that we should just have a vote. and if 60% of the population for each state will vote to change the constitution and ban firearms then we ban them. If we don’t then just move on. Which candidate will be successful in convincing Americans that they need to give up their guns?


I personally think this subject should come before foreign affairs except for the fact that we are at war.

The services that are commonly used by every American every day of their lives should be cared for with the future in mind. Public transportation, water, electricity, natural gas, police, firefighters, paramedics, courts, jails and prisons, education, health care, and services for our elderly and our military. All of these areas need to be a higher priority than they are currently. Which candidate will be able to provide us all  with the services we need to live our lives in peace and harmony?


I think that we need to change the way we vote. Our lives are pretty hectic and we do our best to do the right thing. Things happen. cars break, kids cry, people get hurt of killed and the loved ones are grieving. Many things pop up every day to a lot of people that want to do the right thing. The system needs to be re-invented. There has to be a better way so people get to vote. I cannot believe that a system for voting that will increase the number of people voting has to be possible. Which candidate is poised to take this problem on and do the right thing?

Political Parties

All parties are based on the ideologies of their constituents. The 2 biggest parties are the Republicans and the Democrats. One is deemed conservative and the other liberal. A conservative will argue that the citizens should be as free of government influence as much as possible. A liberal tells me that they want the government to serve the citizens by providing for their basic needs. Poor people like the idea that they are provided for. Rich people don’t like being told that it is their responsibility to pay for the ones who cant afford to pay their share. the middle class (the majority class in this case) want as much as they can get and are trying hard to get the things they want. Is there a candidate out there who can put the good of the people before there own?

I ask these questions with much thought and concentration. If you believe that these people can do the right thing then tell me. I want my vote to count for something.

A citizen of the United States of America.



I feel this way

Europeans have put behind them the truth about how things were. They have created a state of mind that we are imperialistic and drunk with our own power. We have a small group of people who want to kill women and children  in the name of God. They come to our country and kill a few thousand people, try to cripple our economy and who are testing our resolve every day.

The truth is that the American people are fed up with all this crap about us being the bad guys. But we need successes, not stalemates and retreats, to prove our point. I feel that  if the people in charge succeeded in Iraq that we would be able to hold our heads high. But our current leaders are failing us and making us all look bad to the world.

Washington is filled with people who are failures. We need leaders to who can fix this problem our current leaders have created. To let the rest of the world know that we are a peaceful nation. That we don’t leave women and children to the mob for any reason. Where is Mr. Smith when you need him.


A point I would like to make about my understanding of what took place.
Saddam Hussein invaded a country. The members of NATO got together and engaged Iraq.

Armies faced each other on a battlefield.

Saddam requested a cease fire.

An agreement was drafted that Saddam had to follow or the coalition would continue into Baghdad and remove him from power.

He violated the cease fire agreement and was warned several times that if he didn’t capitulate his government would be terminated.

He continued his refusal to cooperate and that’s when Bush went to congress with all that stuff about how life would be better without Hussein and mostly all the members of congress said OK.

The army went back into Iraq and we removed Saddam from power. Once Saddam’s government was out of power the United Stated and a few other countries tried to help Iraq install a working government and try to provide security to the population. At this point is where it all fell apart.

Some say Bush manufactured intelligence that showed Iraq to be in possession of wmds and was providing safe haven to Al qaeda.
Some say the President, like the leaders of other nations, was misled by faulty intelligence.
Some say Saddam moved the wmds to Syria or Iran.
Some people want to let the middle east deal with Iraq and to have a complete withdrawal.

Some people say that if we leave Iraq that genocide is going to take place and terrorist will have a base from which to launch further attacks on America and European countries.

What no one seems to be saying is how to fix the problem.
OK we know its messed up and we can have congressional hearings until hell freezes over, but someone or some country or a group of countries need to get together and fix it so the right thing is done, regardless of the politics.
We are talking about the lives of people that are in harms way and need protection. Men who just want to work and feed their families. Mothers and fathers trying to protect their children. They are surrounded by people with guns and explosives that kill men, women and children without any remorse.

How can anyone of conscience live with that?


I am new to this form of conversation. I have a strong desire to get involved in some debates, make new friends and have fun online. I am a disabled person on disability. I don’t’ say this for any other reason that to illicit the aid in learning how to use this wordpress blog machine. I’ve been trying to learn about it by going to the help and tutorial pages but I just seem to get stuck. If by chance you read one of my comments and wind up here on my new page and see this request for aid and can spare a few minutes I just want to ask a few questions about how this system can be set up to optimize my time here.


I went to see Shrek today and was impressed. It was wrought with messages and life experiences for all age groups (except those that are still drooling). The animation was crisp and entertaining. From someone raised on Loony Tunes and Huckleberry Hound its amazing stuff. I think that the cast of Shrek can have a full time job making sequals if they can keep it as fresh as the previous three.