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What am I missing?

A point I would like to make about my understanding of what took place.
Saddam Hussein invaded a country. The members of NATO got together and engaged Iraq.

Armies faced each other on a battlefield.

Saddam requested a cease fire.

An agreement was drafted that Saddam had to follow or the coalition would continue into Baghdad and remove him from power.

He violated the cease fire agreement and was warned several times that if he didn’t capitulate his government would be terminated.

He continued his refusal to cooperate and that’s when Bush went to congress with all that stuff about how life would be better without Hussein and mostly all the members of congress said OK.

The army went back into Iraq and we removed Saddam from power. Once Saddam’s government was out of power the United Stated and a few other countries tried to help Iraq install a working government and try to provide security to the population. At this point is where it all fell apart.

Some say Bush manufactured intelligence that showed Iraq to be in possession of wmds and was providing safe haven to Al qaeda.
Some say the President, like the leaders of other nations, was misled by faulty intelligence.
Some say Saddam moved the wmds to Syria or Iran.
Some people want to let the middle east deal with Iraq and to have a complete withdrawal.

Some people say that if we leave Iraq that genocide is going to take place and terrorist will have a base from which to launch further attacks on America and European countries.

What no one seems to be saying is how to fix the problem.
OK we know its messed up and we can have congressional hearings until hell freezes over, but someone or some country or a group of countries need to get together and fix it so the right thing is done, regardless of the politics.
We are talking about the lives of people that are in harms way and need protection. Men who just want to work and feed their families. Mothers and fathers trying to protect their children. They are surrounded by people with guns and explosives that kill men, women and children without any remorse.

How can anyone of conscience live with that?


4 Responses to “What am I missing?”

  1. look mate the world hates american no matter what they say they burn our flag curse us from afar but if u notice everyone of them is wearing “nike” shoes and american made clothing and speaking english too !!i bet they go home and watch thier anti-american propaganda on american made television set s!! the u.n. is corrupt food for oil program shows us that. U.n dont care about genocide look at africa !!!
    millions apon million there killed the only thing that the u.n. is good for is debating about debating …. peroid.!
    nobody cares about nothing untill it envolves them personally,
    everyone says we are losing in iraq 3000 dead in 5 years is little to compare in world war 2 we lost over 300,000 in only 4 years!
    they blew up 2 of our buildings we blew up two of thier countries america can play this all decade long.
    war is fought on public opinion anymore not if its right or wrong thats why we lost in vietnam and stale mated in korea.america is trying to please the world and make fiat friends. beside england they might be our only true friends well least at the moment
    but its hard for this generation in the world to remmber the ways the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has helped saved the world twice from evil dictatorships. the old ones are dead now and the young ones are full of despise.

  2. This is primarily a response to the first comment…

    First of all, Nike shoes are made in Indonesia; you can’t find American made clothing in America… let alone over seas; and everyone knows the best televisions are made in Asia.

    Second, you’re naive if you don’t think EVERY war in U.S. history owed itself HEAVILY to public opinion. It didn’t start with Korea or Indochina. Remember “no taxation without representation” or “give me liberty or give me death” or Thomas Paine (Common Sense and The American Crisis)? The American Revolution practically invented American P.R. Then there was the drummed up evidence of the sinking of the Maine which got us into the Spanish American War. A few years later it took nothing short of a propaganda machine (with the help of Teddy Roosevelt), German U-boats sinking American shipping, AND an intercepted telegram reporting German designs for the western hemisphere before we got involved with WWI. And lets not forget we almost let England fall to the Blitz (owing to the all to fresh memories of the horrors of WWI)… and might have yet, if the Japanese hadn’t made the serious miscalculation of attacking Pearl Harbor. The U.S. was stubbornly isolationist for years before Japan gave Roosevelt the justification he needed (ie a pissed off public) to get us into the war.

    In fact, you could argue that the “public opinion” wars you mention above (Korea and Vietnam) were the only wars that DIDN’T involve a P.R. buildup before hand. Maybe if the government had a good reason in the first place they would have tried to convince us beforehand. I submit that part of the reason the public is rebelling over the Iraq war isn’t the dead bodies… it’s that we were given the wrong reasons for going beforehand… that and it’s been a text book FUBAR. For heaven’s sake, some of the actions we’ve taken up to this point (indiscriminate harassment of the Iraqi public, et al.) have been in direct contradiction to the primary points in General Petraeus’ counter-insurgency manual. It’s like we were trying to CREATE an insurgency when we went in.

    Finally, no matter what Fox News says… no one thinks Saddam was a good guy. A valid point can be made regarding his refusal to cooperate with the international community in the years following the first Gulf War. However, a valid point can also be made that the sanctions, never the less, were working. Another valid point could be made regarding state sponsored terrorism… and the fact that Iraq may have been the smallest fry in the middle east in that regard (before the second Gulf War). Just off the top of my head… there’s Libya, Syria, Iran, southern Lebanon (re: Syria)… all of those places were known to harbor more terrorists. A valid point can also be made regarding WMD’s… and how we KNEW Iran and North Korea were further along in building a bomb.

    After 9/11 there was simply little reason for going after Iraq, relative to the other problems in the world I’ve mentioned… other than it was an opponent of convenience. There were lots of bad guys in the world… dare I say, many of which were and are worse than Saddam. Yet we picked him.

    Finally, I find it offensive that the previous commentator has promulgated the throughly debunked notion that Iraq had ANY ties to the terrible events on 9/11. This does not mean that Iraq was a great place, that Sadaam was our best friend, or that he never did anything wrong in his life… but it is clear that neither he nor the resources of his country had anything to do with 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, therefore 9/11 is not a reason for invading Iraq.

    America should, and does, have a role to play in combating terrorism. I will even stipulate that Iraq may be a front in that fight… but it is now only because we made it so.

    My fear is that some problems don’t have solutions. Take crime. Everyone agrees we should fight crime, and we’ve been trying to figure out how best to do it since before the birth of our nation. By all accounts, we throw more resources at the problem than any other country… yet our murder rates tend higher than any other “western” country. Take the middle east. They haven’t figured out how to get along for thousands of years. Given our track record on domestic crime (which we understand MUCH better), isn’t it a little arrogant for us to presume we can fix the middle east?

    Granted, the middle east has a big influence over global politics, given it’s natural resources. I submit that the best thing we could do is to figure out a way for the rest of the world to not have to rely on them. Alternative energy should be a matter of national security… not just high minded, liberal environmentalism.

    Here endeth the rant.

  3. i meant vietnam was lost cause of public opinoin not started it was started cause it was the right thing to do mate.
    and about britian almost failing to german attacks happend once again cause american opinoin was to stay out of it… just sayin all the wars we lost happened to be a loss war cause of no support by the public troops where recalled….
    and a matter of fact you can find america clothing over seas i was in germany about 10 years ago and nothing but american clothing hence the import export trading between countries ring a bell? lol
    and it wasnt untill about 20 years ago asian made t.v’s became popular im sure those backwoods countries had more american made t.v.’s than asain 30 years ago and earlier…not untill recently..

  4. this website lists almost one hundred US mfg of clothing

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