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The greatest resource in the world

the most important resource in the world

What is the most precious commodity that the world has?

The children.

Children are the most innocent of our race. They love and trust without question. What we teach a child to believe is important. If a child is taught to hate then most likely they will hate. If a child is taught that life is precious and is the most important resource we have then the child should grow to cherish life and want to protect it.

It is easy to raise a good child. Love is the first emotion a child should learn. Next is the quenching of hunger and thirst. Comfort and joy comes from the fulfillment of their hunger and thirst. A feeling of relaxation and contentment are the result. After the fulfillment of the body is complete then the child needs to learn.

Our sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch teach us about our surroundings. But it is the sense of love and kindness that teach us about our soul. Once a child feels the senses of love and kindness then it will be with them forever.

The instinct of a child is to watch and copy what the senses pick up. We are the teachers of the children. If we go through life looking over our shoulders and making sure we are giving the children a good impression then our lives are meaningful.

So, if we are all agreed that the children are our most precious resource then we need to make it our goal to treat them as such. No one person or any group of people should be allowed to corrupt our children. Every child that born should be protected and raised with love and respect. If someone has a child and does not provide the basic needs for that child then they should not be allowed to raise the child. If you are not fit to provide a healthy environment for a child then the child will be cared for by someone who will.

We need to evolve past the motherly instinct that says a child is raised by the will of the parent. Being a biological parent is not a right to teach bad behavior and to allow a child to be treated badly. The tolerance for this level of abuse is too high.

Health care to children needs to be free. If anything needs to be done to protect the quality of live for our children then it shall be done.

All children need to be fed and cared for until they are capable of caring for themselves. How to eat, clean themselves and communicate with others are important. Establishing protocols for interacting with other children and adults is a very important. Respect is gained through the mutual understanding of one another. If we can raise a healthy child with love and respect then the future of the human race will be a great one.

If we all just care for the children and make sure they are happy then we all will be happy.

I come in peace 2007


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