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Alpha: The Beginning

Adam was born to Gabriel and Ruth, the tribes future chief and queen . Gabriel  was a strong Man,  standing taller than any man in the tribe. He was able to hunt much larger animals without much effort making him even more powerful to his people. His mother was chosen by Gabriel Father, Chief Michael. Ruth was raised to be queen by her uncle, also Chief Michael. Ruth was smart and cunning, politics were her thing. and to be queen was her highest motivation and  the older she became the more her thirst for power overwhelmed her. She was constantly telling her husband to get rid of his father and take over the tribe, which in their time was the normal way of becoming chief. Adam heard this and was very disturbed by what his mother was saying. He had a very close relationship with his grandfather who taught Adam how to be a good chief and take care of his people. One evening Adam was sleeping in the corner of The chief’s hut, unseen by Gabriel who was about to kill his father while he slept. Adam awoke from a dream, something that was exciting to him stirred him awake. He witnesses his father execute the Chief. Stunned, saddened and full of sorrow, Adam rushes out into the night. The wind starts to blow and rain begins to fall. Adam finds a small pocket  beside a large cliff and is hunkering down in an almost standing fetal position. The rain masks his tears but his pain and rage consumed him. At that moment he heard a voice. “Adam”. He looks around and sees nothing but darkness and rain. “Adam!” This time he looked out into the darkness and screamed, “who is there”. But no answer. Then a third time he is concentrating his hearing out into the night when a voice from inside his head speaks, “Adam, do not be afraid ” Adam realizes that the voice is speaking to him like in his dreams. He then is filled with the memories of all his dreams. He has heard this voice before. Adam speaks “I know you but I cannot remember how or why. I am the  Lord thy God. I created all that you see, all that you hear and all that you taste. I want you to know how much I love you. Your heart is filled with good. The evil thoughts that your people have each day have not corrupted your mind so I have chosen you to be my Voice here on earth. To bring all the people  together and teach them to live good lives and to turn their backs on evil things.  God takes Adam into a vast area and tells him that he has provided this for every need. This is Eden, bring your people here and I will provide for them all they need. The book of Genesis tells the rest of the story.


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