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Can a vote count?

What does a vote do? If someone was running for public office and had the most votes they would win. what if I could offer my vote to a candidate the was for getting control of our government from the wealthy families that have controlling influence over our present leaders. It would have to be a large network of voters with a wide band of leaders. at least 3 from each state. And the candidate would need to be willing to make my agenda his or her agenda. I want that all people suffering from mental illness that are unable to function in society to be cared for. To find all the mentally ill that are homeless and in jail or prison and help them with treatment and rehab. Provide them with food, shelter and clothing. to provide sanitary facilities for daily life. If we can as a group poll our votes into one voice for one candidate that will take up our call for help and in return we will give our vote. The American way.

I am disabled and rely on my country to care for me. I would rather die than be a burden to my fellow Americans but so far I can not find anyone willing to help me die in a dignified manner. It is considered immoral or illogical to commit suicide but if I am unable to care for myself then I am faced with these 2 choices, to struggle day to day to find a safe place to live, food to eat and medication to treat my illness. or to die. I will not live on a street or in a park. I do not think I would enjoy starving myself to death or freezing to death in the cold of winter of burning up in the heat of summer. If I could get the same consideration that you give a person condemned to death for a heinous crime i would be happy to do so. It is my belief that God exists and that when I complete my life here on earth that I will some how exist in a different realm with others as God tells us about in the Bible. I want to live my life to honor God and to help others who want the same. If we are to exist in a relatively safe environment then we need to find someone willing to take up our cause and take our misunderstood illnesses and put them on the center of the discussion. I am mentally ill but I can still vote, I will vote for the candidate that will commit to providing for those who cannot help themselves. Will you stand with me, and offer your vote to the one candidate that will make our situation a priority? Will you commit to making sure you register to vote and to make yourself get to the polls and cast your vote? I will be the first if you will make sure I am not the last.

Now taking the country away from rich people wont be easy. They can pay a lot of money to people that are willing to harm us. so we have to have such a large base of leadership that killing one of us or putting one of us in jail or smearing one of us in the news or holding loved ones hostage so we declare ourselves out of the vote will not effect the outcome of the vote. I am not afraid to be killed or smeared, i have nothing to lose but my vote. I will not break the law and I will not give in to money. Just think if we can take the country away from those who want only to keep their wealth and power. We can be the first country to end poor vs. rich. Do we need to have gold and jewels or is feeding the world a goal you want to accomplish? Do we need fancy vehicles or is it just getting around the main point. Is waking up to a new dawn with the knowledge that the world was a sane place and that as humans we learned to live within our world in peace and harmony. All we have to do to make this a possibility is to vote out those in charge now and replace them with those immune to power and greed.

We can win because we are many. If you are over 18 and are registered to vote then you can change the world. If we can get 51 percent we can win. If you are mentally ill and are relying on the government to survive then you can change the world, if you are a family member of someone who is ill and want to help that person then you can change the world, if you are a care giver and want to help those who can not help them selves then you can help change the world, if you are a member of law enforcement and are tired of the criminal justice system being used to care for people with mental illness. then you can use your vote to change the world. so who do we have that can vote, we have sick people and the families of sick people and those who work to care for sick people and the families of those who work to help people who cannot help themselves and we have those who defend our sick and helpless. I think we are many. that if we were to come together in one group and pool our vote to back one candidate willing to make our cause a top priority then we will change the world. 


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