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About me


Hi, I’m Jack.

I live in California up in Humboldt County.

I am over 40 but not over 50. I was born while Kennedy was President.

My time on this planet has been spent listening and learning.

I have been to Great Britain, Western Europe, The Middle East, North and East Africa, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean and 48 out of 50 states.

I have been married twice.

I am a father of two sons

I have never been Convicted of a crime Nor have I ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol

I do not abuse women and children.

I served in the U.S. Navy. I received an honorable discharge in 1983. 

I just want to ask some questions about  our civilization. Is it going to get better or worse? Is there someone out there who can guide us to do the right thing for more people?

I am currently retired and have a lot of spare time to write about this important topic.

The most important  topic to me is why. Why are things so tough for so many?

Being a dad, the future is Important to me. I just want to see the things we have learned about come forth into reality. I want my sons to see the world become a peaceful place. So i am going to write about our civilization and try to get answers to the important questions.


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