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Well, if we were starting from scratch and had all the knowledge from our past to guide us then a good socialized medical program would be a reality.
But unfortunately our health care system is full of people who want no part of a government run health care system. Doctors, nurses, anyone in private practice will tell you they have no faith that our current leaders can set up a working program free of political and financial influence. And as far as the pharmaceutical companies, well lets just think of what they stand to lose. I guess they will put up quite a fight. I think they could afford one. Until we get 60 to 70 percent of the population to force a vote of some kind that makes them do it anyway we’ll just have to make do.
Just a though


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  1. When you speak to someone in private practice, ask them if the CURRENT system is free from the influence of money or politics. My sister is a physician (in private practice) – so I have this argument often.

    Contrary to what physicians may say, I would argue that under a government run program, health care would be MORE responsive to complaints… not less. At least elected officials have to answer to the electorate. Who does a health insurance company answer to? What free market forces compel them to provide better (and more expensive care)? If you have a health problem, your carrier essentially has a monopoly over your care. With pre-existing condition exclusions for coverage, it’s not like you can just switch.

    In one sense, I hope we don’t reach that 60-70 percent you speak of… that would mean we’ve got a really big crisis on our hands… with a lot of folks suffering. I just wish it didn’t have to come to that, but it seems that’s the way things work.

    By the way, I assume this entry was a comment you made on someone else’s blog… if so, you might consider linking back to the original post… to provide the context for your comment.

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